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Remote Attendance and Grades

  • During this time of remote learning I want to help all students and families to feel successful! I am working hard to create opportunities during this time to help students continue our 5th grade learning and to grow the academic and social emotional skills we have worked so hard on this year!

  • It is important that all students spend time on the academic work provided in Google Classroom weekly.

  • Your child’s attendance in remote learning will be dependent on their completion of the work provided weekly. To be marked as present for the week, students must submit at least one assignment in the core content areas. These assignments must be submitted by Friday each week in Google Classroom.

  • Obviously, if there are any difficulties accessing work or completing assignments for any reason, I ask that you reach out to me or another school staff member to make us aware of your situation before Friday evening. As always, our top priority is to support our students and community in whatever ways we can!

  • I will post all of the work for the week by Monday at 9:00am into our Google Classroom . I will be sure to include all supports and materials at this time so that students can begin this learning and practice for the week when they are ready!

  • It is my hope that students will spend 5-6 hours on school work each week. If you find that your child is spending a lot more than that please contact me and we will make adjustments together. If you find that your child is completing the work in a much shorter amount of time please contact me and we will make adjustments together. My goal, as always, is to provide suitable work for your child to continue to grow as a 5th grader, prepared for their next step - middle school!

  • Students and families are welcome to create their own schedule to complete this work throughout the week as long as it can be turned in by Friday at 6pm. This will allow me to review student work and offer feedback on their progress and growth!