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Here you will find the most current information regarding specials classes (Physical Education, Art, and Music) for students and their parents, including but not limited to, upcoming events, recent news and any documents pertinent to specials education at North Star. Below is a complete list of specials classrooms at North Star. Each of these online classrooms is managed by their respective teachers and contains detailed information for the individual class above and beyond the general information found here.

Specials Schedule - below.

Document(s)SizeUpload Date
PDF icon 7. March Special's Schedule 2019.pdf77.41 KB03/11/2019
PDF icon 8. April Special's Schedule 2019.pdf77.7 KB03/11/2019
PDF icon 9. May Special's Calendar 2019.pdf79.46 KB03/11/2019

Specials Classrooms

Mrs. Coop's Music Class

Subject: Music
Welcome to Ms. Coop's online classroom at North Star Elementary. Here you can find important information about our music class such as: reference documents for parents and students, what are we currently working on and any class events we have...

Mr. Taylor's Art Class

Subject: Art
Welcome North Star friends! Our art program at North Star seeks to inspire a love of art in every child.  The North Star art studio is a rich learning environment where students experiment with a great variety of materials, techniques and artistic...